We are on a mission: to go to all 30 Major League Baseball parks. The idea was thrown around while we were in college, but I think we finally decided to make it happen after Brett graduated; partially as an excuse for us to travel to fun places to see each other, but really, we enjoy the whole experience: the food, the game, and seeing new cities.

We know this isn’t an extremely unique idea, and that many people go to all 30 parks in a single season. While we haven’t given ourselves a timeline (ideally before children enter the picture), additional layers were added on as we went to parks to make it more interesting.

Here is our MLB Park goal:

1. Watch a game at every MLB park in the country.

2. Watch the Phillies play at every MLB park in the country.

3. Watch the Phillies win at every MLB park in the country.

4. Obtain a medium-sized plastic souvenir cup from every MLB park in the country.

Here, you can track our progress and read what we think of each of the ballparks:

Angel Stadium of Anaheim: Home of the LA Angels of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
AT&T Park: Home of the San Francisco Giants, San Francisco, CA

  1. 7/30/09: Giants 2, Phillies 0
    4.   8/1/09: Giants 7, Phillies 2

Busch Stadium: Home of the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis, MO

  1. 7/7/07: Giants 7, Cardinals 6

Chase Field: Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix, AZ
Citi Field: Home of the New York Mets, NY Queens, NY
Citizens Bank Park: Home of the Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia, PA

  1. 7/6/10: Braves 6, Phillies 3
  2. 9/3/10: Phillies 1, Brewers 0
  3. 10/8/10: Phillies 7, Reds 4
  4. 10/16/10: Giants 4, Phillies 3

Comerica Park: Home of the Detroit Tigers, Detroit, MI
Coors Field: Home of the Colorado Rockies, Denver, CO
Dodger Stadium: Home of the LA Dodgers, Los Angeles, CA
Fenway Park: Home of the Boston Red Sox, Boston, MA
Great American Ballpark: Home of the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati, OH
Kauffman Stadium: Home of the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City, MO
Miller Park: Home of the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee, WI

  1. 9/5/09: Giants 3, Brewers 2

Minute Maid Park: Home of the Houston Astros, Houston, TX
Nationals Park: Home of the Washington Nationals, Washington, D.C.

  1. 8/15/08: Rockies 4, Nationals 3

Oakland-Alameda Co. Coliseum: Home of the Oakland Athletics, Oakland, CA

  1. 8/2/09: Blue Jays 7, Athletics 2

Oriole Park at Camden Yards: Home of the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore, MD

  1. 6/23/10: Marlins 7, Orlioes 5

PETCO Park: Home of the San Diego Padres, San Diego, CA
PNC Park: Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh, PA

  1. 9/20/08: Pirates 6, Astros 4
  2. 7/4/10: Pirates 8, Phillies 5
  3. 7/3/10: Phillies 12, Pirates 4

Progressive Field: Home of the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland, OH

  1. 7/18/09: Mariners 3, Indians 1

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington: Home of the Texas Rangers, Arlington, TX
Rogers Centre: Home of the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto, Canada
Safeco Field: Home of the Seattle Mariners, Seattle, WA
Sun Life Stadium: Home of the Florida Marlins, Miami, FL
Target Field: Home of the Minnesota Twins, Minneapolis, MN
Tropicana Field: Home of the Tampa Bay Rays, St. Petersburg, FL
Turner Field: Home of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta, GA
U.S. Cellular Field: Home of the Chicago White Sox, Chicago, IL

  1. 9/6/09: Red Sox 6, White Sox 1

Wrigley Field: Home of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago, IL

  1. – 3. 8/31/08: Phillies 5, Cubs 3

Yankee Stadium: Home of the New York Yankees, NY Bronx, NY

  1. 5/24/09: Phillies 4, Yankees 3

I believe it is significant to note that Brett has unintentionally seen the Giants play more than any other team (besides the Phillies) and has never seen them lose (Current Record: 7-0).

[A note from Kristen: I spent my entire life up until college living in St. Louis, MO. Therefore, I grew up a Cardinals fan, and my family and friends in StL are probably extremely shocked/offended to see that my allegiances have changed. However, I do still have a soft spot in my heart for the Cardinals of my childhood, and I am willing to add a fifth level to our mission to satisfy my family and friends, and clear my traitor conscience: 5. Watch the Cubs lose at every MLB park in the country. Yes, that should do it. ]


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