Update: Making Macarons

I last left you with pictures of macaron cookies cooling on my silpat. I was so excited that I had conquered what seemed to be the “toughest part” of making macarons (getting the feet!) that I took a picture, then immediately finished assembly and proceeded to stuff them all in my mouth. After reading countless tales of disastrous attempts making these delicate little cookies, I was happy to proclaim my first try a success, although they weren’t perfect.

Chocolate Macarons with Dark Chocolate Espresso Ganache Filling

I followed this recipe from Annie’s Eats exactly, since I found it to be the most user-friendly and confident of the recipes I’d found. I even made my own almond flour in my food processor, the blades of which must be getting pretty dull, because I did end up with a pretty lumpy flour. That’s why the cookies above are lumpy and not as smooth as picturesque macarons. They tasted delicious, but they weren’t perfect. And since it’s such a long process (you have to plan days in advance!), I put off trying them again.

Somehow I came across this post on Macaron Myths from Brave Tart, and it immediately empowered me. I wanted to try to make the cookies by her recipe immediately to see if it was really all true. You mean I don’t have to leave egg whites on my counter for 2 days? And I don’t have to wait an hour after piping before I could put the cookies in the oven? This seriously shortened the start to finish time on these things from 3 days down to 45 minutes. Finally, they were a cookie I could make spontaneously (which is how I like to bake)! I followed the recipe exactly, and ended up with these little beauties:

Vanilla Bean Macarons with Vanilla Bean Swiss Buttercream Filling

Smooth, speckled tops, and perfectly formed feet! Don’t look too closely at the filling… I still need work on my Swiss Buttercream technique (the problem was that my butter wasn’t at room temperature… I get impatient and can’t wait that long!), but believe me, this didn’t affect the taste one bit. These were addictively delicious and I’m so excited. No cookie can defeat me!

If you want a boost of confidence in the kitchen, and love delicate little sweet cookies in any flavor imaginable, try this recipe. I have so many different flavor combinations in my head that I’m excited to try next! What flavors would you like to see?



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2 responses to “Update: Making Macarons

  1. Wait, macarons can be made without planning way ahead? I will have to check that out! Very rarely do I put that much forethought into my creations. 😉

    Congrats on two successful attempts! And the 2nd attempt–they’re just gorgeous! Nice job 🙂

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